About us

In 2021, Starlin Cavalin initiated the concept and initial design of the denim tracksuit, consisting of jogger fabric combined with denim trouser legs featuring screen-printed designs, and an oversized hoodie that falls at the waist.
This unique design was officially launched in January 2022, marking Starlin Cavalin's entry into the fashion industry. The result is a fusion of comfortable jogging fabric and stylish denim, enhanced by an edgy aesthetic and ultimate wearability.

Our fashion brand, based in the Netherlands, is renowned for blending comfort, high-end designs, and luxury, with a "Touch of Denim."

We believe in dedication and strive for unique designs.

Starlin Cavalin aims to contribute to the sustainable development of society by providing products with a customer-order-driven production process. No overproduction and no wasted products: everything that is made is sold and used by the customer. This way, we reduce waste caused by overproduction and promote an environmentally friendly approach.

Making unique items with a 'touch of denim' accessible to a wide audience. Every person can stand out and make a statement by wearing our clothing. At Starlin Cavalin, it's all about individuality and style, and we aim to make that possible for everyone."